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As content creators we can help you create amazing content to market your product or services and keep your platforms alive. You can either have us do your monthly social media marketing or have us come in to do a social media campaign. You can see the explanations below:

Content Creation

Content Creation generates long term results, builds an audience (database of potential clients), can lead to direct sales and overtime will result in you needing to spend less as you will have a broad audience. We can create content for your social media platforms to keep them active and have your brand visible and stay relevant.

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Marketing Campaign

A specific campaign with a clear objective within a specific period, For example, if an event occurs once a year, we can have a campaign to try and maximise as much sales as we can within that short period. Marketing Campaigns utilise Content Creation as well but the only difference is that they are specifically targeted and have a specific time frame, and a clear target audience whereas with Content Creation, you have a long term goal and are appealing to a broader audience. So we can work together on specific Marketing Campaigns. 


As each Marketing Campaign is different, it’s hard to have a flat figure for pricing. Let us know what you want and we can give you an accurate quote

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