Long John Animated

We are excited to be working with multi-award winning comedian, watch the Long John Animated Show below!

We are excited to be working with Multi award winning comedian, Long John the Comedian! Together we’ve created this amazing animated show! Watch the amazing show below:

Episode 1: Ignorant People

Episode 2: Zimbabweans can hustle

Episode 3: My Name is learnmore

Episode 4: I used to be bullied

We were excited to have Episode 1 nominated for the best animated comedy show in the Shift Drinks All the laughs comedy awards in Atlanta USA! for the 2020 Awards

We are excited about the nomination and would also like to congratulate Long john the Comedian on other nominations such as

🏆Best Stand Up Comedy

🏆Best Sketch Comedy

🏆Best Animated Comedy Show

Long john nominated for 3 awards | Zimbabwe Animation | Kakic Universe

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