Animated Videos to raise awareness for HIV in deaf communities

A lot of awareness campaigns are making use of digital media to raise awareness on important issues in society. While this is good, the deaf community tends to be left out. It was a great honour for us to work with Nzeve Deaf Centre on creating these specific videos to educate them on this Issues. The videos had to make use of actions and facial expressions to express the message.

The Grapevine project

The Grapevine project made use of simplified story telling to communicate scenarios that some of the girls in deaf communities face. 

Emphasis is on the storytelling and facial expressions, Sign Language and Subtitles were not an option as sign language varies with each region and community,  so it was left out as it could potentially confuse or discourage those who have received limited to no education.

The stories and actions had to be very simple to follow and relatable so they could be inclusive to as many people as possible.

Nzeve Deaf Center intends to use these videos to have discussions and workshops in the different communities and have the participants learn how to handle themselves in such situations and other helpful lessons.

Click the image below to watch the videos:

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