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Dear Mister Slave Master

Standing in solidarity with the slaves in Libya

In August 2017, The world woke up to a shocking article about the discovery of an illegal slave trade system in Libya. CNN reporters went undercover to a site where a slave auction was to be held and they captured live footage of Human Beings Being Sold for As Little As $400. 

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Watch the CNN report below:

After seeing this Two Apart and Kakic Universe came together to produce an animated piece about their opinion on the matter titled “Dear Mister Slave Master”.


By Then Two Apart Was the poetic duo-ship of Ocean Scott and Karnell. When the two Poets heard of their slave trade, their first reaction was to write, producing the beautiful Piece, “Dear Mister Slave Master”.After Finishing it, They Sent it to Kudakwashe Maxwell who loved it and right away they got started on Producing the Animated Video

View the video below:

Ebenezer Maxwell of e.a records did a superb job on Scoring and Sound and the final result was amazing.

Kudakwashe Maxwell Voiced the First Slave,

Karnell Voiced the Female Slave

Ocean Scott Voiced the Last Slave

The response from the internet was also Encouranging! 

Animation can be used to be a voice for the voiceless. We stand in solidarity with our African Brothers and sisters who are affected by the slave trade.

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